Boaz Stein ☆ 装饰化妆品

Boaz Stein

Professional Makeup Boaz Stein. The company's declaration as a goal of "bringing professional make-up products for personal use" testifies to the basis and content of its way of operation: developing (registered patents), designing and manufacturing modular enclosures and makeup tools for the makeup convenience while considering refilling and under the heading of creativity, simplicity and quality.

The line of professional make-up products bearing the name 'Boaz Stein' takes up a place of honor in the makeup schools and are preferred by professional makeup artists in Israel and abroad. Boaz Stein's products transfer the professional quality to the domestic user and enable every woman to enjoy professional makeup products in the comfort of her home.

目前,FeelBe 网上商店没有 Boaz Stein 化妆品的制剂,或者该制剂含有活性成分,因此只有在准确诊断面部皮肤并准确匹配后才能购买 Boaz Stein 的制剂 准备工作。